Sawstop Tablesaw

Sawstop Tablesaw

Sawstop 10" Contractor Model Tablesaw

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    • Sawstop patented safety system
    • Powerful 1.75 motor handles tough cutting operations.
    • Large cast-iron table with steel extension wings measures a full 44" X 27".
    • Miter Gage with adjustable stops at +45°, -45° and 90°
    • Fence system offers 30" rip capacity to the right of blade.
    • Cast iron carriage for precise cutting and minimal vibration.
    • Up front on/off paddle switch.
    • Polycarbonate blade guard, anti-kickback pawls

    MOTOR: 1.75 HP, single phase
    TYPE OF MOTOR: Induction
    KEY FEATURE: Static dissipative V-Belt,

    • Diameter: 10"(254 mm)
    • Arbor: 5/8"


    • Max. depth of cut: 3 1/8"(79 mm)
    • Max. depth of cut at 45°: 2 1/8"(54 mm)
    • Max. rip to right of blade for: 30"(762 mm)


    • Size with accessory extension wing: 44" X 27"
    • Height: 34 3/4"


    This machine requires training. The following safety requirements also apply.

    • Familiarize yourself with the Sawstop safety instructions posted next to the saw!
    • Never touch the blade unless it is completely stopped and the coasting down status has cleared!
    • Safety glasses need to be worn when using this equipment
    • Use the safety shield and anti-kickback mechanism for all through cuts 
    • Do not use the miter gage in the left slot when the blade is tilted
    • Do not use the miter gage and the fence simultaneously - use one or the other
    • Never make free-hand cuts
    • Do not change the blade on your own. Replacing the blade requires the safety cartridge to be re-aligned

    Getting Started

    1. Read and understand this page and the instructions posted by the saw
    2. Get trained on use of the saw (20 minutes or so)
    3. Start sawing!


    Wood, plastics

    The following materials can only be cut when using bypass mode,which disables the safety mechanism:

    • Anything conductive
    • Aluminum or other metals (use the metal cutting bandsaw instead)
    • Carbon fiber
    • Carbon filled materials
    • Wood thas has been laser cut or laser engraved
    • Wet wood
    • Wet treated lumber
    • Formica
    • Melamine
    • Black plastic
    • Mirrored acrylic

    Power and Speeds

    1.75 HP, 10" blade

    Tips and Tricks

    Switching between the riving knife and the blade guard is simple. First, remove the table insert. Next, pull the clamping handle up. This will release the currently installed device so you canremove it. Install the device you need (one device - either the riving knife or the blade guard should always be installed) and push the handle back down to clamp he device you need. Once you have completed the change re-install the table insert.


    Owner Fox.Build
    Model Contractor's Saw
    Serial #
    Sawstop Contractor Saw
    Instructions Contractor_Saw_Manual
    10" blade, see text for capacities