Surface Mount Rework Station

Surface Mount Rework Station

Station for repairing surface mount device electronics

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    Owner Fox.Build
    Model 862D+
    Serial #


    The surface mount rework station is good for assembling surface mount circuits by hand and also for repairing surface mount circuits. Additionally, it can be used for traditional through-hole circuits.


    • Both the soldering iron and the hot air gun have a temperature range of 100 - 480C.
    • Digital PID technology to enhance temperature stability
    • Adjustable airflow and temperature control
    • Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation
    • Auto and manual startup function of airflow temperature
    • Sensor switch enables operating mode when picked up or standby mode when laid down
    • Automatic cooling function for prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air gun
    • ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components
    • International standard heater for convenient use and exchange
    • Plastic holder for placing the hot air gun
    • Alloy iron stand for keeping the iron from flammable materials
    • Good for soldering and desoldering SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA,SMD,etc.


    • Both the iron and the hot air get HOT - use with caution.
    • Turn the unit off when not in use.

    Getting Started

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    60/40 solder, silver solder, etc.

    Power and Speeds

    Temperatures up to 480 degrees C.

    Tips and Tricks

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