Band Saw

Band Saw

Craftsman 14" Band Saw

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    Blade size: 99-3/4" length, 1/8" to 1/2" width


    Important safety information.

    • Wear Safety Glasses when using the bandsaw
    • Always stop the bandsaw before removing scrap pieces from the table
    • Always keep hands and fingers away from the blade
    • Never attempt to saw stock that does nothave a flat surface unless a suitable support is used
    • Always hold material firmly and feed it into the blade ata modetate speed
    • Always turn off hte machine if the material is to be backed out of an incomplete cut
    • Check for proper blade size and type for thickness of material being cut
    • Make sure that the blade tension and blade tracking are properly adjusted
    • Make "relief" cuts before cutting long curves
    • Release blade tension when the saw will not be used for a long time
    • Note and follow the safety warning and instructions that appear on the lower door
    • Use a push-stick to keep hands and fingers away from the blade

    Getting Started


    • Wood
    • Plastic
    • Do not attempt to cut glass or metals without getting blade specific to these materials.

    Power and Cutting Speeds

    Band speed is 1620 feet per minute

    Tips and Tricks

    Owner Jill
    Model 119.224010
    Serial # N/A
    Sears Parts Direct
    Craftsman 14" Band Saw Manual
    Size/Volume 13-1/2" throat, 8-1/4" height