Oswego East High School InventTeam Wins Grant

Oswego East High School InventTeam Wins Grant

Oswego East High InvenTeam Members next to their Algae Air project.

Doug of Fox.Build got the opportunity to visit  Oswego East High School and to see the student team present their "Algae Air" project to MIT for the Lemelson MIT InvenTeam mid-grant technical review. They won a $7500 grant from MIT to pursue this idea and MIT reviews the projects midway.

These are the students that have been making stuff at Fox.Build. Their project aims to improve school air quality because over 50% of our schools have poor air quality. The idea is to pass air through a tank of algae. The algae consume the impurities and let clean air escape. The team has additionally found ways to use the algae to make plastics, fertilizers, etc.

He was quite impressed by the work they've done and all the angles they have considered. And, they gave great Kudos to Fox.Build! This photo is two of the students with their prototype algae air. Note the logo on the prototype and the projection screen in the background!

Way to go team!

To read all about their project visit the Lemelson-MIT Blog.

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