Projects for the Makerspace

Moving to our new location presented a LOT of opportunities for making! The wood shop and the metal shop in particular spawned more ideas than we could handle!

X-Carve CNC cutting station

The first thing we made was a new bench for the X-carve CNC router. The wood shop had a small alcove that was a perfect fit for the X-carve (and pretty much worthless for anything else!).

Miter saw bench with top extended to the sides to accommodate long boards.

After completing the X-carve table we tackled a miter saw bench. This made it much more convenient to saw long boards and provided a place to store additional tools where they wouldn’t get as dusty. The
miter saw stand can be used with its wings fully extended for longer boards or with the wings retracted for shorter pieces.

Miter saw bench with top folded in.

The table is completed with drawers and is on wheels so we can move it anywhere we need to in order to cut very long boards. For more standard length boards it stays in the location shown.

Metal shop workbench fit in bay window.

Once the miter saw stand was finished, we moved on to a workbench for the metal shop. This bench is somewhat unique because it fits into a bay window area. We originally had a normal 2 foot by 8 foot bench in that location, but it wasted a lot of space behind the bench and didn’t provide as much surface area as possible with a custom fit bench.

Wood shop straight workbench.

Of course, once the metal shop had a custom bay window bench, we had to make one for the woodshop too! Here’s the original bench in the woodshop.

Wood shop workbench fit into bay window.

And here’s the new bench, although the drawers are not yet complete.

We’ve been having fun making things for our workshops – and there are still many more to come! On the agenda are a rack for our clamps, the drawers for the woodshop bench, a bench for the shear, press brake and slip roll Dan M. recently donated, and several other projects. Be sure to check back to see the progress on those projects, or better yet, come join in on the fun!