Clamp Rack

Clamp Rack

November 14, 2020

The Spark:

Our original clamp storage was very inconvenient and made it hard to get to the clamp you needed.

The Things:


  • Plywood or pressboard
  • 4 casters
  • 3/4" long wood screws

Tools Used

  • Tablesaw
  • 1-3/8 forstner bit
  • Drill press
  • Brad nailer

The Process

Step 1

Identify the Problem

Our original pipe clamp storage consisted of throwing them into a corner in a heap. Clearly there must be a better way!

Step 2

Cut and Mark the Shelf Boards

Cut boards to the desired size and mark where the holes for the clamps are to be drilled. Clamp the top and middle boards together so they can be drilled simultaneously.

Step 3

Set up to Drill

Set up a support block to hold the boards while they are being drilled in the drillpress.

Step 4

Drill the holes for the clamps

Using the drillpress drill all the holes in the top and middle shelf boards. The end result: a GIANT pegboard!

Step 5

Assemble the Frame

Glue and nail the frame together using the brad nailer.

Clamp Rack
Step 6

Install the back and the Casters

Attach the back with the brad nailer and screw the casters on using the 3/4" wood screws. The back provides the necessary rigidity to the frame.

In Service
Step 7

Put the Clamps In!

Put the clamps in the new rack!