Beep, Beep! Anvil Build (Not for Roadrunner Use)

Beep, Beep! Anvil Build (Not for Roadrunner Use)

June 20, 2019

The Spark:

We’re building a benchtop metal shop at Fox.Build, and of course, you need an anvil in any real metal shop!

The Things:


  • Piece of railroad track

Tools Used

  • Bandsaw 
  • Sawzall
  • Drill 
  • Grinder 
  • Endmill

The Process

piece of railroad track
Step 1

Find A Piece of Railroad Track

When I moved into my current house there was a short piece of railroad track in the garage. I’d used it as a weight, but after seeing an online article on making an anvil from a railroad track, I knew what I had to do! 

Squaring off the back end in the bandsaw
Step 2

Square off one end

Using a bandsaw, square off one end of the piece of track. 

railroad track piece with one end squared off
Step 3

Nice and Neat

Take a moment and admire your work. 

Cutting the point out with the Sawzall
Step 4

Make A Point

Cut out the point with a Sawzall

Using a drill to cut out the point

Knock out the rest with a drill.

Anvil with point cut


Point of anvil is cleaned up with a grinder
Step 5

Refine the PoInt

Clean up all the rough edges with a grinder.

Top of anvil being milled flat
Step 6

Smooth Out The Top

Using an endmill, smooth out the top of the anvil.

Completed anvil ready for use

Ready For Use!

The anvil now resides in the Fox.Build  metal shop.