RETIRED: Tarantula 3D Printer

RETIRED: Tarantula 3D Printer

The Tevo Tarantula is a single filament 3D printer. It has an automatic board level sensor and prints 1.75mm filament.

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    Owner Fox.Build
    Manufacturer Tevo
    Model Tarantula
    Serial # N/A
    Tevo 3D Printer Store
    Instructions Tarantula Printing Guide
    Size/Volume 8 x 8 x 8 in

    Step-by-Step Printing Instructions

    Note: This printer has been retired

    First, Slice the STL File You Want to Print

    • Open slic3r.exe
    • Click Add (upper left) and find the STL you want to print.
    • Rotate your work so it is sits in the way you want it to be printed. (Deep subject)
    • Adjust the printer setting if needed. (Fill ratio...)
    • Slice and then Export (upper right) the .gcode file. Save it to somewhere convenient.

    Print the Part

    • Warning. The Tarantula is still in beta testing and has not been completely dialed in - its about 90%. This printer is desperately in need of a sponsor.
    • Open Octoprint by typing in the browser.
    • Login and connect. See the login info near the printer if it does not auto-populate.
    • Drag the .gcode file you made to the left side of the Octoprint screen.
    • Plug in the Tarantula.
    • There is one manual setting that should be checked. The z-offset needs to be +0.6mm. If you print and no filament is coming out it is probably because this needs to be set.
    • Clean the print bed with the scraper and then alcohol.
    • Click the printer button on the file you are trying to print in Octoprint.