Prusa i3 Mk2S with MMU Upgrade

Prusa i3 Mk2S with MMU Upgrade

The Prusa i3 MK2S with the MMU Upgrade can print up to 4 different materials in a single print. Typically this will be different colors, or alternatively support material and up to 3 colors. To use more than one color it is necessary to use the Slic3r Prusa Edition slicer.

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    Owner Fox.Build
    Manufacturer Prusa Research
    Model i3 MK2S
    Serial # N/A
    Prusa 3D
    Instructions This listing
    Key Specs 9.84 x 8.3 x 8 in

    Step-by-Step Printing Instructions

    First, Slice the STL File

    • Open the slic3r for Prusa multimaterial
    • Click Add and find the STL you want to print (Upper Left)
    • Rotate your work so it is sits in the way you want it to be printed. (Deep subject)
    • Right click on the part on the right side to specify the extruder to use.
    • Adjust the printer settings if needed. (Fill ratio etc)
    • Slice the parts and export .gcode. Save it to somewhere convenient.

    Print the Part

    • Open Octoprint by typing in the browser.
    • Login and connect. (Login info is posted by the printer on yellow paper).
    • Drag the .gcode file you made to the left side of the octoprint screen.
    • Turn on the Prusa. Check that the filament is in the extruder you chose in Slic3r. If not, use the Prusa controls to preheat, unload and load the filament.
    • While preheated, try to run the extruder either from octoprint or the Prusa menu. If it is stuck, unscrew the bowden tube of the extruder you are using and make sure it is feeding properly. We will be getting a new set up. Our junction for the filament is presently Borked.
    • Clean the print bed with the scraper and then alcohol.
    • Once you get filament coming out when you extrude, click the printer button on the file you are trying to print in octoprint.

    Tips and Tricks

    • The dial on the front of the Prusa is also a button - push it to select.
    • If a print seems to take a long time to start check the display. If it says "defaults loaded" just click the button to start your print.
    • Tips for making waterproof parts