Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

Remove and install bearings, bushings, gears, ball joints, U-joints, pulleys, etc. You'll be able to create substantial pressure for your arbor and press-out jobs, with little effort. H-frame shop press can be used for electric motor and armature repair, installation and removal of pressure-fitted parts, and bending or straightening of metal.

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    • Open side heavy duty construction allows work on the longest work pieces
    • Working distance: 1-3/4 in. to 25-1/2 in.
    • Width between channels: 17 in.
    • Raise and lower table for the best working distance possible
    • Ram has spring return to speed up your work


    Important safety information.

    • Wear safety goggles and heavy-duty work gloves when using the press
    • Keep hands away from Arbor Plates and Press Pin during use.
    • Do not move workpiece while compressed.
    • Release load before service or maintenance.
    • Keep area under Arbor Plates clear. If Arbor Plates rest on obstruction (i.e. bolt, debris, etc.), it creates an uneven press, causing excess stress and possible breakage.
    • Avoid off-center loads. Do not operate if workpiece tilts or binds during compression.
    • STOP and release compression if you suspect imminent structural failure. If safe, inspect thoroughly and re-position before proceeding.
    • Do not compress springs or other elastic objects. They could disengage hazardously.
    • Do not stand directly in front of the press when loaded. Do not leave the press unattended when loaded.

    Getting Started


    Power and Speeds

    12 Ton

    Tips and Tricks


    Owner Fox.Build
    Central Machinery (Harbor Freight)
    Model 33497
    Serial # 352351449
    Harbor Freight
    Instructions Hydraulic Press Manual