Fox.Build 2019 Review

Now that 2019 is complete, it is natural to look ahead to 2020. However, let’s hold that thought for a moment while we look back at all the accomplishments from 2019!


New Equipment – Brake, Press, Slip-roll!

One of our members recently donated a combination shear, press brake, and slip-roll that can do all kinds of cool stuff to sheet metal. In order to use it, we needed to put it on a stand, and due to the weight, the stand had to be sturdy!


We’ve Got a Metal Lathe!

Many members have been asking if we have a lathe in the metal shop. This week, we were lucky to receive a lathe on loan from member Herman. Thanks, Herman! […]


New Vinyl Cutter and Plotter

We just added a US Cutter MH871-MK2. If you are interested in making signs or need a large format plotter, come check us out!


New Workspaces, New Sign

[huge_it_slider id=”2″]A lot has been happening at the Fox.Build makerspace. We have new workstations with pegboard for hanging tools and supplies; small cubby lockers for storing smaller things; and there […]