3D Printer: Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder

3dprinter-1Graciously donated by Bosch, the Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder is the newest addition to the family of equipment at Fox.Build Makerspace. It was welcomed with open arms and wide eyes. Complemented by other machines like the laser cutter and X-Carve, the 3D printer opens up a whole new world of capability for makers.
Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with several file types, it is easy to use and work with. Nearly silent, it adds to the atmosphere of the space with gentle hums of cooling fans and servo motors. The creations from extruding PLA through a heated nozzle are robust enough to handle and use in everyday life.3D Printed Pencil Cup
It comes with several dozen pre-loaded models to be printed right from inside the internal memory. As such, one of those models was eagerly selected right away to christen the printer on its inaugural run. Able to print complex shapes in just a few hours, we can see enormous potential for use in our space.

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