Light It Up

Hey all, this is just a short post to talk about my project. My wife is a geologist. She has a rock collection that we wanted to display. We hit up Goodwill and found two curio cabinets that were nice but could be made pretty spectacular. BUT I know nuthin’ ’bout dem ‘lectrons. So I hit up Paolo, Dave Brink and Paul Krush for a little advice and got a $10 dimmable switch and some led strips with adhesive on the back. I soldered it all together with scavenged cat5 cable and the results were pretty amazing. They are loaded with rocks and hanging in my basement. I’d be happy to show anyone who wants to do the same how I got this done.

  • Rock collection in lit cabinet
  • Lit rock cabinet side view
  • Lit rock cabinet in place
  • Second cabinet, unlit
  • Second cabinet with LED strips