Our inventory of manufacturing equipment grows every month! Our latest additions include an X-Carve CNC machine, a vast selection of electronic testing and diagnostic tools, numerous Raspberry Pi boards, Arduino Microcontrollers and many others. Come by one of our events to see for yourself!


Fox.Build’s members include business bootstrappers, software industry entrepreneurs, sales experts, marketing experts, and makers of things. A few of our members even boast a successful exit or two under their belts.¬†We afford our members a collaborative environment to help get real business ideas off the ground.


Whether writing code, carving wood, building machines, or solving a problem, our members are all about creating. The collaborative energy and creative atmosphere foster the makers, inventors, hackers, and learners to continue, in whatever medium. Sawdust mixes with the digital in this space. Stop by and see what everyone is working on, and bring your thing. We’d love to see it.